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Wholesale Handheld Metal Detector Genuine enhanced stability intelligent as-20mj handheld iron detector Product introduction As-20 portable needle detector / needle detector is a portable needle detector. It can accurately detect the specific location of ferromagnetic metal impurities such as broken needles by using the principle of magnetic field. It is very suitable for the detection of thin and small articles. It is also suitable for the hand-held needle detector to accurately find the position of steel needle or ferromagnetic metal in a small range after the detection of large needle detector, so as to avoid the damage of metal impurities to consumers and production enterprises and improve the product quality of enterprises. Scope of application 1. It can detect the broken needle of thin and small products such as knitting, clothing, socks, quilt, leather and shoe materials, and can quickly and correctly find the broken iron needle, so as to ensure personal safety when wearing. 2. It can be used for ferromagnetic impurity inspection of clothing accessories such as hardware buttons. 3. It can detect ferromagnetic substances in drugs, food and chemical raw materials. 4. It can check the existence of iron nails, steel bars and pipes in wood, walls and tables. 5. It can be used to check the injured, knife and crush parts such as human body and livestock, and check whether harmful iron filings are infiltrated into them. Technical parameter 1. Detection mode: magnetic induction mode (moving left and right) 2. Alarm mode: buzzer and light on 3. Sensitivity: 0.5mm iron ball can be detected by proximity inspection; The diameter of 1.0mm iron ball can reach 10mm high; High sensitivity can detect iron ball with diameter of 0.5mm; Diameter 0.7 脳 20 broken needles up to 50mm high 4. Volume: 145mm (length) 脳 65mm (width) 脳 45mm high 5. Power supply: 6f22-9v power supply 6. Net weight of the machine: About 230g (machine) / 450g (including two batteries and boxes) with packaging Product standard configuration 1. One hand-held iron detector 2. One standard test card (1.0 or 1.2mm iron ball) 3. Four high-performance GP environmental protection batteries (one built-in) 4. One certificate 5. One warranty card 6. One copy of product manual 7. A beautifully packaged gift box Product features 1. The detection area is small, which can accurately find out the broken needle and stabilize the reinforced type. 2. The automatic alarm light flashes and buzzes. 3. Strong magnetic material is adopted to make it have high sensitivity and long service life. Matters needing attention 1. The ambient temperature of the instrument is – 5 鈩?鈮?40 鈩? 2. The instrument can work continuously for a long time without heating and overload. If the current and voltage are lower than 6V, it will produce continuous beeping sound, which indicates that the power is insufficient and the battery of the same model should be replaced. 3. After use, the power supply must be turned off in time to prolong the service life of the battery. When it is not used for a long time, please take out the battery in time to avoid damage caused by battery leakage corrosion of components. 4. Pay attention to waterproof, moisture-proof and keep clean and dry frequently.Wholesale Handheld Metal Detector website:http://www.aoshitest.com/handheld-metal-detector/