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Wholesale Bill Detector Company Profile Our History 1994, 鈥漃ingyang Nanxing Electronics Factory鈥滷ounded 1998, Named鈥淶hejiang Nanxing Electronics Technology Co.,Ltd鈥?/p> 2002, Won the鈥淣ew technology enterprises in Wenzhou City鈥漚nd got RMB Money Counter Production License 2003, Become 鈥淪mall and Medium-Sized Technology Enterprises in Zhejiang Province鈥? the products were known as 鈥淶hejiang High-Tech Products鈥?/p> 2004-2006, Obtained CCC,CE,FCC certificates, 鈥滱-Level Enterprise of Credit鈥?/p> 2007,鈥漐hejiang Province High-Tech Company鈥?/p> 2009,鈥漌enzhou City Brand Products鈥?/p> 2011,鈥漃ingyang Patent Demonstration Enterprise鈥?/p> 2013,鈥漀ational High-Tech Company鈥?鈥滱A-Level Enterprise of Credit鈥?/p> 2016.鈥滱AA-Level Enterprise of Credit鈥? 鈥漌enzhou City Patent Demonstration Enterprise鈥? 鈥漌enzhou City Enterprise R&D Center鈥?/p> 2017.Named鈥淶hejiang Nanxing Technology Co.,Ltd鈥?/p> 2018.Moved to new factory 2020. Established a dust-free workshop for the production of epidemic prevention products; Obtained 鈥?White List Enterprise Authorized by China’s ministry of commerce鈥?/p> Our Factory Established in 1994, Zhejiang Nanxing Technology Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech manufacturer specializing in developing and producing financial and office appliances like money counters,coin sorters, money detectors, money binding machines, vacuum counters. We also expanded our product lines in epidemic prevention products like masks, UV sterilizers, infrared thermometers, etc. All the R&D and production are operated in our self owned modern factory which covers area of 23,000 square meters. Nanxing owns many high-tech intellectual properties and has obtained a lot of highly recognized certificates like ISO9001:2008, CETL,FCC, CE, ROHS, IC, PSE, SGS, CCC, etc. Technology is the key to success, and Nanxing reinvests 12% of our annual revenue into the R&D every year.With a team of highly educated, young and passionate professionals,nanxing鈥檚 products are sold worldwide inUS,Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, UK, France, Germany, Japan, Korea, India, Southeast Asia, Middle East, etc. On our production floor, we apply 5S management system to different product lines to ensure the superior output efficiency and quality. Nanxing also owns a dust-free workshop used for the production of epidemic prevention products. With the strict standard of working environment and management system, Nanxing strives to provide high quality epidemic prevention products. Under the trend of economic globalization, Zhejiang Nanxing Technology always adheres to the mission of providing our customers with the best in class products and services. Nanxing is committed to continuous improvement and keeping up with the times. Our Product Bill counter / Bill detector / Coin sorter / Money binding machine / detector pen / IR thermometer / uv sterilizer / Mask Product Application Bank / Supermarket / Bar / A wide range of business Our Certificate ISO9001:2008 ,CETL, FCC, IC, LVD, EMC, KTL, ROHS, PSE, CCC Production Equipment Injection molding machine / Punch/ Production line / Eyelet machine Wholesale Bill Detector website:http://www.nanxingtec.com/