Special Vehicle made in China

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Special Vehicle made in China The vehicle is 3.65 meters long, 1.46 meters wide, 1.46 meters high and 1.6 meters high. There are 1600MM*1460MM trucks and 145mm vacuum puncture-proof tires. Thick steel plate, anti-collision steel beam, Aksu high temperature colorful pearl paint, four-wheel oil pump disc brake, car independent suspension shock absorption, climbing mechanical shifting, 4*4 overhead light luggage rack on top, spare tire at the rear, ultra-quiet rear Bridge, vehicle 3C tempered glass; injection molding interior workbench, ABS engineering plastics, set leather flame retardant wiring harness, LED super bright headlights, Bluetooth MP5, electric doors and windows, central control, sunroof with exhaust fan, warm air, reversing camera , Adjustable car seat, remote control alarm. Can be insured, optional air conditioner, optional oil and electricity dual-use, 60-72V universal, optional Beidou positioning, optional solar energy, optional Mingzun motor or Depuda 3000W AC motor, can be customized “steering wheel type” And “handle type” can install 100A battery or 320A battery, five doors and four seats, can be customized left or right rudder.Special Vehicle made in China website:http://www.suke-electric.com/special-vehicle/