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Single Monitor MountSingle Monitor Mount Product Description The Adjustable VESA Desk Stand is designed to support laptops, tablets or other display screens. It is also called a monitor arm or monitor bracket. Its arm can raise your monitor to eye level when you are sitting at the desk, thereby improving your posture and reducing the pressure on your neck, shoulders, and back. Adjustable VESA Desk Stand has two installation methods: one is clamp-on mounting, the other is grommet mounting. Features Compared with similar products in the market, our Adjustable VESA Desk Stand is competitive in price and excellent in quality. Our monitor stand can let you maintain a more correct office posture, which is more conducive to physical and mental health and relieve spinal pressure. It uses high-quality aluminum alloy as raw material. After careful grinding, it has a simple and generous appearance and is very durable. The most important thing is that our products have been tested multiple times and fully meet the standards and specifications, and the quality is guaranteed. More Info. 鈼?Material: aluminum alloy and ABS 鈼?Screen size: 27″ 鈼?Holds up to 20lbs 鈼?VESA 75x75mm 100x100mm 鈼?Random height 鈼?Cable Management 鈼?Installation method: clamp on mounting, grommet mounting Product Details Products Parameters Packaging&Shipping FAQ Q1.Can I install this monitor stand on my glass desk? No, you cannot. Q2.Can the monitor be put in portrait mode? Yes, you can. Q3.How about its maximum weight? 19.8lbs. Q4.Does it come with the screws to mount on the bracket? Yes, it does.Single Monitor Mount website: