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Single Ball Bearing Roller Our History Ningbo DAZ Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in the beautiful Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province, China, in the hometown of China’s bearing industry –Ningbo, closes to the Hangzhou Bay Bridge, only more than 100 kilometers away from Shanghai Port, and about 70 kilometers away from Ningbo Port. Convenient transportation,making our products easier to export to countries all over the world. Ningbo DAZ Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. is an industrial and trade enterprise specializing in bearing sales and manufacturing. Founded in September 2020, it is an emerging modern bearing enterprise with advanced bearing manufacturing equipment, semi-automatic grinding and processing production lines, Four-channel cleaning machine, fully automatic assembly equipment and S0910 and BVT integrated testing equipment ,Plus advanced management system,It provides customers with better-quality industrial basic accessories–bearings,We have been making unremitting efforts on the road of pursuing zero defects. Ningbo DAZ Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in miniature bearings (MR84ZZ, MR106ZZ and MF128ZZ, etc.), small bearings (624ZZ and 699ZZ for scooters銆乵otors, 6000 series, 6200 series and 6300 series, etc.). At the same time, we provide carbon steel bearings and plastic-coated bearings used on pulleys, doors and windows, such as 608ZZ, 626ZZ, etc. The company is committed to providing customers with better electronic and mechanical products with better-quality services. It is our consistent attitude to provide customers with value-added mechanical products and good after-sales service. We have technical advantages in the industry in terms of ultra-quiet, high speed, and long life. Zero defect is our unremitting goal. Choose Ningbo DAZ Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. to make your business benefit more and go further. Join hands with DAZ to win the future together! Our Factory Ningbo DAZ Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional deep groove ball bearing manufacturer located in Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province, China. It is engaged in the production and sales of miniature deep groove ball bearings. The company mainly produces ball bearings made of miniature Gcr15 steel as raw materials and carbon steel. Bearings, plastic-coated bearings, etc. The bearings produced by the company are widely used in micro motors, mobile doors and windows, and mobile two-wheeled trams. Ningbo DAZ Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. currently has several advanced semi-automatic grinding and processing equipment, automatic multi-channel cleaning machine, high-end automatic assembly instrument and testing equipment, to provide customers with more stable industrial basic parts. Ningbo DAZ Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. takes “pursuing higher quality and greater value for customers” as its mission, and actively pursues zero-defect products. Under the existing advanced management system of IATF16949, it actively strengthens the company鈥檚 teamwork spirit and digs deeper. Internal management, external expansion, and strive to achieve a win-win situation with domestic and foreign customers. Welcome customers from all over the world to contact us to enlarge your benefits as much as possible. Our Product – According to the structure, it is divided into main deep groove ball bearings. – According to the material, it is divided into high-carbon chromium bearing steel, carbon steel bearing steel and stainless steel bearings with special purposes. – According to the structure, it is divided into deep groove ball bearings, plastic-coated/pulley bearings, one-way bearings and carbon steel bearings. 鈼?The composition of the bearing-five major parts: 1. Inner ring/outer ring; 2. Steel ball; 3. Cage; 4. Dust cover/sealing ring; 5. Grease; 鈼?The product series that the company manages: 1. Main 699ZZ – Starter motor for micro motor (Electric two-wheeler/Tricycle)锛?/p> 2. 6001ZZ–Electric two-wheeled mobile scooter\motor scooter锛?/p> 3. 626ZZ plastic-coated bearings–for moving door and window parts and sliding door pulleys锛?/p> 鈼?The basic structure of the bearing: Product Application Application range of deep groove ball bearings: 1. Fan motor-6201ZZ and 6202ZZ. 2. Washing machine motor-6204ZZ and 6205ZZ. 3. Household appliances motors-range hoods, vacuum cleaners, etc. 6000ZZ 6203ZZ. 4. Motor for sports equipment-fitness equipment-6001ZZ, 629ZZ. 5. Micro motor/two-wheeler starter motor-servo motor-699ZZ. 6. Medical equipment–Dental drill bearing–693ZZ MR106ZZ. 7. Motor bearings for motorcycles and battery cars–6301-2RS 6002ZZ. 8. Sliding door and window bearing–carbon steel 626ZZ 624ZZ. 9. Pulley bearings-skates, scooters-608ZZ. 10. Textile machine motor-6900ZZ. 11. Agricultural machinery, textile machinery-6306ZZ. Our Certificate IATF16949, 14001, SGS. 0102030405 Production Equipment Grinding equipment, cleaning equipment, automatic riveting and pressing equipment, automatic inspection equipment-S0910 and BVT all-in-one machine (the picture was taken by professional photographer Fu a week later, and the original picture without copyright dispute is expected to be provided before August 25). Production Market The current market is mainly in the Middle East, Europe, America, Southeast Asia, etc. Our company’s matching motorcycle accessories for the Southeast Asian market have received a good response. Our Service Provide pre-sales technical consultation, drawing design and other services, from customer consultation, order placement, tracking production, shipment declaration and a series of related 7/24 hours services, follow-up service tracking to customer feedback on products used.Single Ball Bearing Roller website: