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Piston Gas Compressor price 20 years experience in manufacturing silent food/medical/dental low noise oil-free screw air compressor Product Description: The air compressor is an oil-injected screw compressor with a box structure and low noise. The whole machine integrates gas, lubrication, water, electricity, cooling and instrumentation to realize the integration of electrical and mechanical. The control system adopts PLC controller, the touch screen can provide supervision of all adjustments of parameters and key operating parameters, and also has optional Chinese and English liquid crystal display, with complete protection function, which can realize unmanned operation Features: 1. High volumetric efficiency screw air ends made in Germany and Italy 2. Microprocessor controller function: Displays information on the control panel: exhaust pressure and temperature, operating time, motor current, load/unload status, usage time and change time lubricant, air filter, oil filter and oil separator. Fault information query; power indicator light, phase protection light. 3. Safety protection device: Automatic shutdown, high temperature, high pressure, low oil, phase protection, motor mis-rotation shutdown warning. Motor overload shutdown warning. Emergency shutdown button. 4. Integrated oil separation system with minimum pressure valve, thermostatic valve, safety valve 5. Large air/oil aftercooler can be used in high temperature environment 6. Convenient belt tension adjustment system 7.Full speakers, dual filtering Product parameters Shipping and Delivery: We support multiple shipping methods, you can specify the shipping method. During transportation, our products will be packed in anti-collision wooden boxes. During transportation, we will ensure the integrity of the products and avoid damage. FAQ Q: How is your customer service and after-sales service? A: 24-hour online service, technical support from engineers and overseas agents. Q锛歐hat can you buy from us? A锛欴iaphragm compressor, Acetylene gas production epuiqment, mechanical equipment. Q: How is the quality of your products? A: Our machines are manufactured strictly according to national and international standards, and we test each device before delivery. You can also use Alibaba’s Trade Assurance for product quality protection, on-time shipment protection and payment protection.Piston Gas Compressor price website:http://www.azbeltech.com/gas-compressor/piston-gas-compressor/