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Outdoor Fabric Chair suppliers Overview Outdoor Lying Bed is mainly made of steel material and weather-resistant Oxford cloth, which has good stability and excellent durability. Our product mainly includes two pillows and a tent, so that you can enjoy the sun while avoiding the glare of the eyes. It is a great choice for playing in gardens, backyards, beaches and other places. Outdoor Lying Bed is designed with Oxford cloth, is ventilated and can be used in four seasons, and is durable and has a long service life. Pillows and canopies made of waterproof polyester give users the best lying experience. It has a large overall area, even if two people lie down at the same time, it will not feel crowded. Outdoor Lying Bed is one of your best choices. Specification SIZE(CM)PACKING(CM)GW/NW(KG) 200X173X135163*42*1323/21 Details Color: Brown Material: 300X300D Oxford cloth, powder-coated steel Cotton filling pillow Pillow thickness: 2″ Weather resistant Assembly required: YesOutdoor Fabric Chair suppliers website:http://www.baifeng-leisure.com/outdoor-fabric-chair/