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Mini Vacuum Sealing Machine Product Introduction In addition to the oxygen quality preservation function, Mini Food Vacuum Sealer also has the functions of anti-compression, gas barrier, and preservation, which can effectively prevent food from spoiling and spoiling. This machine can extend the shelf life of items or foods that need to be stored for a long time. Mini Food Vacuum Sealer solves the problems that have not been effectively solved. It is a new generation of ideal kitchen appliances and a good helper for entering the family. Mini Food Vacuum Sealer is filled with a single gas such as nitrogen, carbon dioxide, and oxygen or a mixed gas of two or three gases after being vacuumed. The nitrogen is an inert gas, which plays a filling role and keeps positive pressure inside the bag to prevent air outside the bag from entering the bag and protect the food. Its carbon dioxide can dissolve in various fats or water, and it can be induced to weakly acidic carbonic acid, which has the activity of inhibiting molds, spoilage bacteria and other microorganisms. Cruising power (continuous working time)锛?0min Vaccum Capacity3L / Min Recharging voltageDC4.7V~5.2V Vacuumizing Pressure-65Kpa Recharge hours4Hour Battery level1200mAh Model No.QH-05 Product CertificateRoHS,EMC,FCC Charging current0~1 A Main FunctionAuto Vaccum Seal, Vaccum Seal with Canister / Bottle Stopper Noise锛?0dB Chief Raw MaterialABS Color of Vacuum SealerWhite,Blue,Black Production Date of First SetMar. 2019 Feature Mini Food Vacuum Sealer adopts pocket-type appearance, fashionable design, convenient and easier to clean and carry, mini design, with large suction power, efficient and time-saving. Wide range of uses, suitable for different types of packaging vacuum processing. The vacuum seal zipper bag, wide seal, no air leakage, can save resources and reuse; vacuum jar, can be matched with a variety of sizes, is a good helper to preserve freshness; and vacuum corks are used to repackage wine bottles to ensure the freshness of red wine. Finally, it can be applied to the sealed bag of clothes, with a handheld vacuum sealer to extract air, which can reduce the space of clothes. Advantage We are a professional manufacturer of vacuum packaging machines and vacuum plastic bags for home use. Our products have been verified by SGS, while the vacuum food machines areCE,CCE,RoHS,FCC CB,ETL,LVD,EMC certified and are manufactured according to the ISO9001:2015 product quality control system. We will send you a set of free samples, but the shipping cost will be borne by the consignee. And we guarantee delivery at the specified time, we will compensate for any delay in delivery beyond 168 hours, and, all inquiries, questions or requests will be answered within one day.Mini Vacuum Sealing Machine website: