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Metal Sheet Making Machine suppliers Introduction 1. Different corrugated sheet making machine can produce different shapes of steel roof wall sheets according to the client’s profile drawings and requirements. We can also supply the customized machines. 2. Applications of Roof/Wall Panel Roll forming Machine: The finished products are used as the roof and walls of gymnasiums, airports, theaters, factories, warehouses, garages, exhibition, centers etc. 1. Main Motor Power: 5.5KW 2. Cycloidal Pinwheel Reduction Box: BWD27-43-5.5KW 3. Drive Sprocket: Pitch of 25.4mm 4. Rack Wall: I-beam welding adopted and distressing 5. Unit Dimensions: 7.3m long, 1.2m wide and 1m high 6. Production Speed: 0-12m/min 7. Axle Diameter: 75mm and thermal refining 8. Bulging Axle Diameter: 75 mm and thermal refining 9. Bulging Roll Material: 45# Steel 10. Heat Treatment of Bulging Roll: 45# Steel 11.Number of Forming Stations: 18 12. Forming Shear Blade Material: 45# Steel 13. Heat Treatment of Sharing Blade: HRC58掳C-62掳C 14. Rolling Thickness: 0.4-0.8mm 15. Rolling Material: 45# Steel 16. The single surface of Cr electroplating rollers: 0.05mm 17. The product dimensions is up to the PRC’s standard for Construction Product: GB/T12755-91 18. Scale Accuracy: 10m卤2mm Note: If you have any special requirements, please contact us for further and correct scheme. Thanks!Metal Sheet Making Machine suppliers website: