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Magnetic Separator price Heavy Medium Drum Separator (HMDS) improves the grade and recovery rate in the dense medium recovery process. We combines the internationally leading Permax technology, established experience in specific applications and specific environments in mineral processing, and reliable high-quality configurations, materials and parts to improve the performance of dense media mineral recovery operations. As a pioneer in the use of rare earth magnets in wet low-intensity drum separators, HMDS utilizes ferrite boron (FeB) magnets to increase the magnetic induction value from the conventional 2000 nominal Gauss to 2500 or 3000 Gauss, thereby making dense media attractive Greater force can achieve a more efficient recovery process. Our HMDS series offers standard drum sizes with diameters from 400 mm to 1200 mm, widths from 0.600 m to 3.000 m, with optional manifolds and a laundry shop with plug-and-play functionality. Our range offers standard drums and high gradient designs. Characteristic 鈥?Reasonable magnetic circuit contributes to the maximum recovery of fine magnetic materials. 鈥?High liquid level separating tank. 鈥?Single or double drum are available. 鈥?Non stop lubrication can be realizedMagnetic Separator price website: