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Lead Acid Battery made in China Product Description 12.8V lithium ion battery is new environmentally friendly backup power system focus on short-time and high-rate discharge scenarios.The environmentally friendly lithium ion battery configured with high-performance BMS, has a wide range of performance and application advantages compared with conventional battery. Features 10-year warranty: The first five years are free of charge, and the second five years are covered by a paid warranty. High quality: Our batteries are used withTianneng’s A grade battery cells, which are integrated battery modules, ensuring a high degree of consistency in the main technical parameters of the cells. Long cycle life: Tianneng is the leading brand in the field of small power vehicles, with a long cycle time. Mainstream BMS: The BMS is from PACE. Its BMS has high stability, precision detection, temperature protection, over-voltage protection, adjustable over-current protection, and various hibernation wake-up methods, ensuring a longer service life. Parameters Production Dispaly FAQ Q: Why do we choose ONESUN lithium battery? A: The project manager of ONESUN lithium battery pack used to be the head of BYD battery technology. The automotive-grade BMS technology is developed independently. The BMS has multi-level management, and the maximum discharge current can reach 200A. Our lithium battery is perfectly compatible with mainstream solar inverters and has a long cycle life, up to optional 6000 cycles, and 10-15 years design life.And the certificates: UN38.3, MSDS. Q: What is the difference between lithium battery and lead acid battery? A: 1) Size and weight: Lithium battery with higher density, so it has smaller size and lighter weight than lead acid battery, which can save shipment space and easy to operate. 2) BMS and protection: Lithium battery has built-in BMS that provides all-around protection functions, so it can protect itself properly, while lead acid battery has no such function and needs the protection from other extra device. 3) Life design: Cycles of lithium battery are up to 6,000 cycles, with 2/3/5 years warranty and 10-year life design, while lead acid battery only 300-600 cycles, normally only 1-2 years warranty. DOD is different: The DOD of lithium ion battery packs can be 100%, while that of lead acid battery is around 50%-60%, which means the user have to keep 40%-50% inside to ensure the lead acid battery life. Safety and reliability: Lithium ion battery packs are free from harmful materials such as nickel, cobalt, and lead. The lithium battery pack is anti-explosion, so they are safe and reliable. But lead acid battery with built-in lead is likely to get exploded. Can ONESUN lithium batteries communicate with other brands of inverters? A: Sure! ONESUN lithium battery pack can be compatible with 20+ major inverter brands in the market, such as ONESUN, Deye, Growatt, Voltronic, GOODWE, SMA, etc. For more details, please contact ONESUN customer service. If other brands of inverters do not have a built-in BMS, or the lithium battery does not support the inverter communication protocol, can ONESUN lithium batteries work? How to do? Q: Can ONESUN lithium battery packs be connected in series or in parallel? A: All ONESUN lithium batteries support parallel connection. If you have any other questions, please contact ONESUN customer service. Lead Acid Battery made in China website:http://www.onesunpv.com/battery/lead-acid-replacement-battery/