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intake manifold for BMW manufacturers Our History At the beginning of the 21st century, the main market of intake manifold in China is aluminum. In China at that time, the plastic intake manifold was still a blank, only European and American countries began to use plastic intake manifold instead of aluminum intake manifold. In contrast, plastic intake manifold has the advantages of environmental protection, fuel saving and lightweight, and has been popular with domestic and foreign customers since its introduction. Song Shijie see the feasibility of plastic intake manifold, established the intake manifold combination factory (formerly of Sharon auto parts), through the foreign senior engineers, the introduction of plastic intake manifold project, spent great efforts to develop molten core valve, after the success of the development, and upgrade the subdivision type, and vibration friction welding technology, such as, constantly updated, better intake manifold. In the era when everyone is not optimistic about plastic intake manifold, Song Shijie has unique vision and become a pioneer in the industry. After the successful development of plastic intake manifold, set off a wave of industry reform, even the host manufacturers also replaced the plastic intake manifold, plastic intake manifold has been a large number of applications, the harvest of the industry. In 2017, Rui An Sharon Auto Parts Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as Sharon) was established. Sharon has a long and stable production and development experience and a spirit of continuous innovation, and is moving forward. Our Factory Rui’an Sharon Auto Parts Co., Ltd (Sharon for short), was established in 2017, and lies in the city of Rui’an, Zhejiang Province of China, where the auto and motorcycle parts capital locates. Sharon takes around 2,000銕?for itself with 20 employers including 4 engineers. Sharon is armed with a 15- year-experience team in developing and sale in the field of plastic intake manifold. And we boast ourselves a professional intake manifold manufacturer specialized in market exploring, product design and develop, production and sales. Our current main products are: plastic intake manifold, plastic water hose, and thermostat housing. And we are now IATF 16949:2016 recognized. Sharon aims at providing customers with top quality at a lower cost, and endeavor itself in research and developing new items to win the recognition from customers. Our products covers the car brand of Ford, Mercedes Benz, BMW, Audi, VW, Nissan, Land Rover, Toyota, Hyundai, and KIA to meet the demands from in and abroad. We warmly welcome old and new customers to Sharon for a business discussion. Company Vision: Step out, and introduce in. Company Mission: Become distinguished in the field of auto plastic parts and contribute to this industry. Management Strategy: Head for delicacy in products, management and service. Development Strategy: Innovation in technology, lean management, high quality and low cost. Company Values: People oriented, Mutual benefits. Company Spirit: Learn from each other, exploring and innovation, work hard and keep optimistic. Our Product Plastic intake manifold / plastic water hose / oil separator, etc. Product Application FORD / NISSAN / BENZ / BMW / AUDI / VW / LAND ROVER / TOYOTA / HYUNDAI / KIA Our Certificate IATF 16949:2016 Certification System Production Equipment Injection molding machine Production Market European / South American Our Service Pre-sales: Our company provides comprehensive and detailed introduction to customers, so that customers fully understand the advantages of our company and the advantages of products, so that customers understand the choice of us is the right decision. In sale: Our company has a professional salesman for the whole process of tracking orders to solve the problems and troubles in the process. Timely solve and feedback customer needs, to bring customers a pleasant experience of cooperation. After-sales service: Our company will deal with customers’ after-sales problems timely, follow up the problems within the scope of our after-sales service, and commit to maintain the common interests of both parties. Cooperate with customers with sincere heart.intake manifold for BMW manufacturers website: website2: