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High Efficiency Rotating Biological Contactor manufacturer Shanghai YuHao Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd. was founded in March, 2010, is a professional company in research and production of environmental protection equipments. The initial construction of this company is made up of a group of professionals engaged in design and marketing of environmental protection products for many years. We are constantly innovating and developing new products, from the beginning single automatic polymer dosing machine to now diversified three-dimensional structure of biological turntable, integrated prefabricated pumping station, fiber disc filter and other products, and also for the industry to provide quick solutions. “Win-win” is the principle of the company, insisting on the philosophy of “people oriented, harmonious and unique, benefit from the society and benefit back the society”. The tenet of the company is “Quality first, Customer foremost”. Shanghai YuHao Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd. is sincerely willing to cooperate with you to create a better tomorrow for the environmental protection industry. Your choice of Shanghai YuHao is always right ! Services Doctrine: The company adheres to “Once we do right, we gain customer’s satisfaction” as the quality policy, and under guidance of this policy, we implement high-quality service throughout each project, each product, every department, every employee in practical work. Pre-sales service: A comprehensive introduction of the equipment to the user. Help users to plan their schemes. Provide technical data and system drawings for the project. During-sales service: A professional technician reconnaissance on the construction site. Provide various drawings on construction for free. Actively cooperating with work of design institute and construction unit. After-sales service: 1. One-year warranty, life-long maintenance ( except for quick wear parts and easy expendables ). 2. Establishment and management of customer archives. 3. Meeting user’s requirements for spare parts at any time. 4. To make a clear reply to user’s complaints or technical consultation without exceeding 10 minutes. 5. For user’s request for service, promise not to exceed 24 hours. 6. We actively and regularly visit, urging users to timely repair and maintenance. 7. Regular user seminars will be held to improve products according to user requirements and valuable suggestions, and continuously improve product quality. 8. Periodic surveys on users’ satisfaction and feedback of relevant comments to design, production and operation departments to improve service quality. 9. Technical training to users, to help users with training, operation, repair, maintenance, personnel management. After-sales services: 24 hours Tel: 18602194009 18621194089High Efficiency Rotating Biological Contactor manufacturer website:http://www.yhenviro.com/