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Heavy Duty Drawer Slides suppliers HA7103 three-step full extension heavy duty glides 2.5mm thickness slide runners These heavy-duty glides adopt a super-heavy design and uses 2.5MM thick cold-rolled sheet coil material, which has the characteristics of high wear resistance. What’s more, this heavy-duty roller bearing slides has 3-section slides, which can be fully unfolded, which is convenient for you to use and place items better. This design not only improves longevity and stability, but it is also very easy to clean and maintain. It remains stable and does not deform in the face of multiple frequent openings and closings, or a large load of heavy objects. With these heavy-duty sliding drawer runners, you can store and organize your items with confidence, making life easier and more enjoyable. 3-Fold Slides. Enable the slides to fully extend. Suitable for industrial drawers, safety drawers, exhibition drawers, heavy truck drawers. Constructed with 2.5 mm thickness cold-rolled steel. By using 5% salt spray for 48 HRS The ball-bearing action can create a quiet environment at work. Nylon buffer can reduce the direct contact between the outer and the inner channel. Brand NameHVPALMaterialCold Rolled Steel Model NumberHA7103FinishClear Zinc Electroplate/electrophoresis black Loading capacity227KG/450MM(18”)Height71mm Length10″-60″ 锛?54-1524mm锛?/p> ApplicationKitchen, Industrial drawers, Outdoor, Office Building, Hospital, Mall, Sports APPLICATIONS Heavy-Duty Drawer Slides – The Rugged and Reliable Choice The slide out rails heavy-duty is a high-quality mounting slide on the side of a cabinet or on a machine part, it is suitable for many kinds of screws and bolts, very easy to install. It is ideal in new construction, remodeling and replacement projects, and can be used in industrial drawers, commercial equipment, modified vehicles, and more. Crafted from high-quality materials, this heavy-duty metal drawer slides offers high durability and load-bearing capacity. In addition, the heavy-duty drawer slides are also resistant to rust and corrosion, allowing them to remain functional for a long time even under harsh environmental conditions. It complies with industry standards and ensures the stability and reliability of the use effect. If you are looking for a high-quality heavy-duty drawer slide to enhance your product quality and credibility, then this slide is definitely your first choice. Let it bring more reliable and superior quality experience to your products.Heavy Duty Drawer Slides suppliers website:http://www.hvpalindustrie.com/heavy-duty-drawer-slides/