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H Frame Hydraulic Press Introduction Servo interior trim large table top press is mainly used in the press-fitting and molding process of the automotive interior trim industry, such as ceiling, carpet, seat, side wall, luggage box, etc. Product Description 1.A new generation of large table top press, welding of H-shaped structural steel plate with eight-sided guide frame. Applicable process, hot press forming of automotive interior parts. 2.Applicable to car roof, trunk, seat back-to-back, coat rack, wheel guard, sun visor, hood insulation pad and other parts. 3.Servo motor cooperates with high-precision oil pump to control pressure, speed and exhaust in sections. 4.PLC programming, touch screen display and control. 5.Precision control of displacement, speed and pressure sensor can be adjusted arbitrarily on the industrial touch screen. 6.Provide remote network services, and the machine will automatically alarm to indicate failure and maintenance. Product Advantages 1.High efficiency and energy saving: reduce energy consumption, which can save 50~80% of energy consumption 2.Flexible suppression: stable operation without vibration 3.Digital control: set each parameter value digitally 4.Temperature control: working intermittently without cooling 5.Noise control: noise control at about 75 decibels during operation Our Service and Advantages 1.We have many experience on OEM work. 2.We can customize special hardware as customer demand. 3.Technical service for assembling. 4.Variety types for selection, prompt deliver. 5.Well-equipped with extensive sales network. 6.Advanced Production equipment and production technique. FAQ 1.Q: How does your factory conduct quality control? A: Quality is the top priority. From the beginning to the end of production, people have always attached great importance to quality control. Before packaging and shipping, each product will be carefully tested. 2.Q: What is your price level? A: Factory direct sales 3.Q: Do you have stock? A: Small tonnage machines will be in stock, but general products should be produced according to your order, including samples.H Frame Hydraulic Press website:http://www.kelaipress.com/hydraulic-press/h-frame-hydraulic-press/