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Food and Feed Additives Acesulfame-K Product features锛歸hite, odorless, freely flowing crystalline powder having an intensely sweet taste, approximately 200 times sweeter than sucrose (3% solution) ADI锛?-15mg/kg CAS NO.锛?5589-62-3 Melting point锛?25鈩?/p> Molecular weight锛?01.24 Sweetness multiple锛?00-250 Molecular Structure: As a kind of safe food additive, Acesulfame-K has the properties such as being pure and strong in sweet taste, having good mouthfeel, being calorie-free, being not metabolized or absorbed in human body, being stable under heat and acid, etc. It can produce strong synergistic effect after mixing with other sweeteners, and sweetness is 200-250 times than sugar.It has been widely used in food, beverage, medicine and daily chemical products. It has been approved to be used in more than 90countries.Food and Feed Additives website: