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Disposable Medical Mask quotation Product Introduction This Earloop Surgical Mask is composed of the mask body and the tensioning belt. The mask body is divided into three layers: inner, middle and outer. The inner layer is skin-friendly material (ordinary sanitary gauze or non-woven fabric), the middle layer is isolation and filtration layer (ultra-fine polypropylene fiber fusion-spraying material layer), and the outer layer is special material bacteriostatic layer (non-woven fabric or ultra-thin polypropylene fusion-spraying material layer). Features The Earloop Surgical Mask is suitable for the medical personnel and related personnel of the airborne respiratory infectious disease protection. It is a kind of closed self-priming filter type medical protective equipment with high protection grade. The product is especially suitable for clinical activities by airborne or close contact in patients with respiratory tract infection disease transmission by droplets when worn. Descriptionearloop surgical mask disposable non woven 3 ply medical face mask Material3ply, PP non woven 20g+filter 20g+pp non wovn 25g FeatureSkin-friendly, Hypoallergenic ,Comfortable, High breathability, fiberglass free, latex free StyleElastic ear-loop (latex free) Size17.5×9.5cm(adult) packingNon-sterile:50 pcs/box,2000pcs/ctn or 1000 pcs/ctn Applicationshospital clinical medical personnel and patients. dust-free workshop,, laboratory, food industry, electronic manufactures and so onDisposable Medical Mask quotation website:http://www.soyonintls.com/n95-mask/disposable-medical-mask/