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Customs Clearance Service company Starting from the agency of import declaration and inspection, SHT takes professional standards and integrity as its attitude and code of conduct, and soon solved the difficult problems for some old customers. It has set up branches in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Zhuhai, Shanghai and other places. Competitive products import customs clearance: cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, health care products, food, daily necessities, pet food, wine, electronic products and general express import customs clearance, focusing on providing customers with safe, professional and efficient import customs clearance service, we will pay attention to and cherish every time you entrust us. SHT has provided thousands of customers with satisfactory import customs clearance services in line with the code of conduct of “good faith in words, good faith in deeds” and the concept of “starting from customers, thinking for customers and sharing for customers” as well as the safe, professional, efficient and high-quality service. With your support, I believe we will do better, more professional, let us become your partner, together for your goods escort. Our Advantages: 1. Safety: SHT has more than 10 years of import experience. Each order is operated under the customs policy, and the security of goods is guaranteed by 100%. 2. Timeliness: the whole process is operated by specially-assigned person, and one-to-one specially-assigned person can provide documentary tracking service. The procedure is simple, which greatly reduces the time of preparing documents in the early stage, and customs declaration is arranged on the same day of taking delivery of goods. 3. Delivery: after the goods are delivered to the mainland warehouse, we can provide you with different special logistics lines according to the different requirements of customers. 4. Price: Now the market price is transparent and reasonable price is charged according to different situations of customers.Customs Clearance Service company website: