Customized UV Wall Panel

SorularCustomized UV Wall Panel
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Customized UV Wall Panel UV PVC Marble Sheet,Elegant PVC Wall Panel for Home Decor pvc marble panel for interior decoration MaterialPVC +calcium powder+ additiveDensity聽2.0g/cm^3 聽Size1220*2440 mm and customizedThickness1.3-6.0 mm TechnologyHot stamping foil & UV-coatingCertificateCE & SGS Installation1.Glued on the wall 2.Aluminum trim profile 3. Sealant installationGlue 聽Neutral Silicone Sealant Adhesive ColorMarble, wood, solid color & 3D. More than 100 designs in total. Composition35% pvc, 62% CaCo3, 3% additive. 聽Structure聽PVC board + Hot stamp foil + UV-coating + PE protection film. Common Thickness For Reference Thickness(mm)Tolerance (mm)Weight(kg/pc)Tolerance(kg)MOQ(20GP/pcs) 1.3mm+-0.058.0kg/pc+-0.53000pcs 1.5mm+-0.058.2kg/pc+-0.52700pcs 2.0mm+-0.0512.3kg/pc+-0.52000pcs 2.5mm+-0.0515.3kg/pc+-0.51600pcs 2.8mm+-0.0517.2kg/pc+-0.51400pcs 3.0mm+-0.0518.4kg/pc+-0.51300pcs 3.2mm+-0.0519.6kg/pc+-0.51250pcs 3.5mm+-0.0521.5kg/pc+-0.51150pcs 4.0mm+-0.0524.5kg/pc+-0.51000pcs 5.0mm+-0.0530.7kg/pc+-0.5800pcs 6.0mm+-0.0536.8kg/pc+-0.5650pcsCustomized UV Wall Panel website: