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Customized PCR Series Overview Alfine deep well microplates are made of medical grade polypropylene. They are classified according to the hole depth. We also produce other types of 24 wells, 48 wells or round wells. 聽 Specification 聽 Cat#MaterialCase volume (ml)Hole type ADP-LHPolypropylene(PP)1Low square ADP-MHPolypropylene(PP)1.6Medium Square ADP-DHPolypropylene(PP)2.2Deep Square ADP-CapPolypropylene(PP)/Square 聽 Features Afline transparent solid 96-well plate is made of low fluorescence pure polypropylene, which has excellent chemical resistance and can withstand temperatures down to -80鈩? It can be used for sample collection, in vitro growth chambers and long-term storage. 1-2ml deep well plate, very suitable for laboratory work, magnetic beads and sample storage. The unique open bottom design provides a larger area for the beads, while the larger diameter well improves sample access and mixing. The raised edge of each well is convenient for safe sealing with adhesive film, silica gel pad or heat sealing film. The Board meets the international standard, and the design ensures its good performance in the automatic processing plant. They are pollution-free, convenient, durable and reusable. 聽 Usage Different styles of the plates are widely used for identification system, HS, letter sampling and sample storage, mechanical sampling and automatic liquid transfer system. 聽 FAQ How many samples can you supply? One piece each type are for free. You will charge the sample cost above this quantity. 聽 Do you charge the freight cost of samples? We will not afford the freight cost for samples. 聽 What kind of express delivery do you have? DHL, Fedex, UPS, EMS etc. 聽 Can you supply the customized package? Yes, OEM and ODM is available. 聽Customized PCR Series website: