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China Wine Bottle Cap Covers Our History Shandong Liquorpac Co., Ltd. is a company specialized in selling and exporting packaging materials to alcohol beverage industry. Our main products are all kinds of Glass bottles, Jars, caps, closures, capsules, bar tops, etc. Our products were exported to more than 30 countries all over the worlds, and many famous brands, like OYSTER BAY,EMPERADOR BRANDY,BABICH,HOWARK PARK,JOSE CUERVO,BERLIN PACKAGING, BRUNI GLASS, SAXCO INTERNATIONAL,etc all have good cooperation with our plants. Why Choose Us? 鈼廠maller batches 鈼廝ersonalization, customization 鈼廎aster delivery Our Product Spirits bottles Kombucha bottles Beverage bottles Jars Aluminium caps Plastic caps Aluminum plastic caps Screw caps GPI caps ROPP caps Product Application Wine, Sprit, Oil, Coffee, Fruit juice, Brandy, Kombucha, Vinegar. Our Certificate ISO 9001, ISO 14001, HACCP ISO22000 Production Market North America, Europe, Australia, Asia, etcChina Wine Bottle Cap Covers website: