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China Small Electric Drill DR-10T Rated Input Power: 710W No-Load Speed: 0-1500r/min Drill capacity: 10mm Ridgid electric drill has perfect working efficiency. Electric drill gun working is wonderful. 710W big power give you more high working motivation. Mechanical structure is reasonable to give machine more long longevity. The powerful electric drill machine design is in line with the principle of sport human science. This electric drill torque no loading speed is 0-1500 rpm. Because there is speed control switch to help you to adjust the Ridgid electric drill drilling speed to drill different material. Drilling speed is to see the specific situation, different material, diameter-depth ratio is different, different hardness, drilling speed is also different. In general, the feed is not more than 0.2mm/s, according to this principle to convert your speed, feed quantity can be large aperture slow, small aperture high speed. Influencing factors: 1. The material of the workpiece, for example, 304/306 speed can be properly improved, because of the superior cutting performance of the material, and the speed of carbon steel should be properly reduced, in case the tool in case of carbon particles and edge collapse, for copper parts such as general brass speed should be slower, soft quality. 2. The diameter of the prop is not the same, the speed should be reduced with the increase of the diameter of the tool. 3. The polishing requirement of the workpiece is related to the speed of the rain. 4. The deeper the hole is, the lower the speed is The drilling speed is usually 0.2 mm per second. 1. Drilling refers to the operation of machining holes in solid materials with a drill. The control of position accuracy of drilling is essentially the control process of the mutual correct position of the bit and the workpiece in the process of drilling. When drilling through quickly, the manual feed force must be reduced to prevent the feed rate from being suddenly too large, increasing the cutting resistance, causing the bit to break or the workpiece to rotate with the bit and causing accidents.China Small Electric Drill website: