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China Powder Grinding Equipment Characteristics of four common grinding equipment Grinding equipment is the main equipment of mineral processing in mines. Nowadays, the mainstream grinding equipment can be roughly divided into four types. These four types are: rod mill, energy-saving ball mill, lattice ball mill, overflow ball mill. Characteristics of four common grinding equipment The grinding equipment produced by yr mining mining mining machinery is introduced as an example Rod mill The rod mill produced by Yantai yr Mining Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. is characterized by high efficiency, energy saving, large capacity and simple operation. The rod mill is named after the steel rod loaded in the cylinder. The rod mill generally adopts the wet overflow type, which can be used as the first-class open circuit grinding. It is widely used in the first-class grinding of artificial sand, mineral processing plants, chemical plants and electric power departments. Application scope of rod mill: Using advanced controllable feeding and discharging technology, combining with the actual grinding materials, appropriate grinding body should be used, and the traditional surface contact should be changed to line contact, so that the discharging particle size is more uniform, the output is higher, and the price is reasonable. It is widely used in refractory, chemical, metallurgical, glass and other industries, which require higher uniformity of finished products after grinding. In recent years, it is also used in the sand making of construction sand Industry, etc. Working process of rod mill: The rod mill is driven by the motor through the reducer and the peripheral big gear, or by the low-speed synchronous motor directly through the peripheral big gear to drive the cylinder to rotate. A suitable grinding medium steel bar is installed in the cylinder. Under the action of centrifugal force and friction, the grinding medium is lifted to a certain height and falls in the state of throwing or releasing. The grinded material continuously enters into the cylinder from the feeding port, and is crushed by the moving grinding medium, and the product is discharged out of the machine through overflow and continuous feeding force for the next operation. ball grinding mill Energy saving ball mill Characteristics of four common grinding equipment The energy-saving ball mill developed and produced by Yantai yr Mining Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. is a kind of high-efficiency ball mill among the ball mill models. The energy-saving ball mill has reached the advanced manufacturing level in the industry, providing perfect efficiency guarantee and economic benefits for the grinding operation process of mining enterprises. Energy saving ball mill is widely used in cement, silicate products, new building materials, refractories, chemical fertilizer, black and non-ferrous metal mineral processing, glass ceramics and other production industries, for dry or wet grinding of various ores and other grindable materials. Working principle of energy saving ball mill: The energy-saving ball mill is a horizontal cylindrical rotating device, driven by outer gear, two bin, lattice ball mill. The material enters the first bin of the mill evenly through the feeding device through the feeding hollow shaft screw. In the bin, there are stepped lining plates or corrugated lining plates, which are filled with steel balls of different specifications. The rotation of the cylinder generates centrifugal force to bring the steel balls to a certain height and then fall down, resulting in heavy impact and grinding on the material. After rough grinding in the first bin, the material enters the second bin through a single-layer partition board. The bin is inlaid with a flat lining board and steel balls to further grind the material. The powder is discharged through the discharge plate. The energy-saving efficiency of Yantai yr mining energy-saving ball mill can reach 70%, which greatly saves energy consumption. Energy saving ball mill structure features: It is composed of feeding part, discharging part, rotary part, transmission part (reducer, small transmission gear, motor, electric control), etc. The hollow shaft is made of cast steel with detachable inner lining. The rotary gear is processed by casting gear hobbing. The cylinder is inlaid with wear-resistant lining plate, which has good wear resistance. The machine runs smoothly and reliably. After the ore mined from the mine is crushed by jaw crusher or two-stage closed-circuit crushing system composed of jaw crusher to reach reasonable particle size, it is evenly sent to energy-saving ball mill through elevator and feeder, and the ore is finely ground and crushed by energy-saving ball mill. Then, the ore grinded by energy-saving ball mill enters the classification equipment for classification treatment, and the ore that does not meet the particle size requirements returns to the ball mill for circulating grinding until it reaches the reasonable particle size requirements. Lattice ball mill Lattice ball mill Characteristics of four common grinding equipment Lattice ball mill is a kind of high-efficiency, energy-saving, high-efficiency and easy-to-operate ball mill equipment developed and produced by Yantai yr Mining Mining Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. in combination with the international advanced aquatic products and the company’s more than 20 years of manufacturing experience, which is specialized in mineral processing and grinding operation, construction and chemical industry. In the development of Yantai yr mining for more than 20 years, lattice ball mill has brought huge economic benefits to mining, chemical and other enterprises. Yantai yr mining always adheres to high quality service. Characteristics and advantages of lattice ball mill: 1. The advantages of lattice ball mill are that it can discharge ore quickly, reduce over crushing of ore, and increase output per unit volume,; 2. The cone design is adopted at the discharge end of the lattice ball mill, which not only increases the volume, but also forces the steel balls at the cone end to be graded. The closer to the outlet, the smaller the diameter of the steel balls, which increases the effect of repeated grinding and further improves the fineness of the materials; 3. The grid type ball mill adopts grooved annular lining plate, which increases the contact surface of the ball ore, strengthens the grinding effect, improves the ore lifting ability and reduces the power; 4. The lattice ball mill can reduce the over crushing of ore and increase the output per unit volume. 5. The upper limit of particle size of grinding products of lattice ball mill is generally 0.2 ~ 0.3 mm, so it is often used in the first stage grinding, and it often forms a closed cycle with the spiral classifier. The lattice ball mill can discharge qualified products in time, reduce the over crushing of ore, and has higher grinding efficiency. The processing capacity is about 15% higher than that of overflow ball mill of the same specification, and the ball loading capacity is more. When the particle size needs to be grinded to 48-65 mesh uniform product, the lattice ball mill is better. Overflow ball mill Overflow ball mill Characteristics of four common grinding equipment Overflow ball mill features: 1. The overflow ball mill adopts large double row self-aligning roller bearing instead of sliding bearing. The friction is greatly reduced in the process of rotation, and it is easy to start, so that the motor can save 20-30% energy. 2. The internal lining plate of overflow type ball mill is wavy, which makes the lining plate have greater lifting force on the steel ball in the process of rotation, can make the steel ball reach a higher height, and the impact force caused by falling is greater, so that the grinding effect is better and the grinding effect is strong. 3. Overflow ball mill adopts integral frame structure, which is convenient for civil construction and equipment installation. 4. Overflow ball mill has relatively simple structure and high operation rate. Application scope of overflow ball mill: Overflow ball mill is usually used for fine grinding of mineral materials. Generally, a two-stage closed-circuit grinding system is formed with lattice ball mill. The processing capacity of lattice ball mill is large and that of overflow ball mill is small.China Powder Grinding Equipment website: