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China Mono Mesh Bag suppliers PP PE mesh bag pack potato orange Production Description PP PE mesh bag pack potato orange, the production material is mainly polyethylene, that is, PP material, heating the raw materials for wire drawing, and then woven by a special machine. Advantages of raw materials. As a manufacturer of PP PE mesh bag pack potato orange, we can produce some of the PP and PE materials that we need when we produce them by ourselves for our own production and use. In addition, the manufacturer that supplies our raw materials, we have been cooperating for many years, with sufficient supply of goods and favorable prices. We can get good quality and prices in the same industry, so the prices of our products will also be favorable. Because PP PE mesh bag pack potato orangehas good air permeability and low price, it is often used to hold vegetables, fruits and other things, which is not easy to rot and convenient to transport. If necessary, please contact us and look forward to cooperation. Detailed Images Related Products Utility Usage Packing & Shipping Our HUIGOR Company Producing Process Customers鈥?visit Our ServiceChina Mono Mesh Bag suppliers website: