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China Diamond Saw Blade suppliers 鈥?Our History 1993-Saint-Horse Diamond Tools Co., Ltd. was founded in Mashan village, Ezhou city 2004-Unity Qirui Saw Industry Co., Ltd. was founded in Chihu village, Ezhou city 2016-Two enterprises were mergered and reorganized into Hubei St. Bairui Diamond Tools Co., Ltd. 2017-Enterprise completed automation and digital transformation, product quality was comprehensively improved 2018-Released the new vision of “ingenuity and Intelligent manufacturing, openness and inclusiveness and win-win future” 2019-Successfully auctioned new industrial land and laid the foundation stone to build an industrial zone 2021-The company was overall moved to the new industrial zone to meet the new journey…… 鈥?nbsp;Our Factory The total investment of the company’s new factory is 200 million yuan, covering an area of about 63 acres. The total planned construction area of the project is 48,100 M虏. After the project is completed and put into production, it is expected to form an annual output value of 150 million yuan, annual profits and taxes of more than 10 million yuan, and employment of more than 200 people. St. Bairui is a high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, production, sales and service of high-precision diamond tools. The company owns well-known brands such as “Carbon Rubik’s Cube”, “Jucheng” and “Saint-Horse”. The main products include diamond saw blade steel blank; professional high frequency welding saw blade for marble銆?dekton銆?ceramic銆?granite銆?quartz stone etc; and concrete, asphalt laser/ high frequency welding construction saw blade; concrete, stone laser/ high frequency Welding drill bits; Concrete grinding discs and engraving discs; Brazing discs for stone and emergency rescue; small grinding and cutting discs; Soft polishing pads for stone and concrete floors etc. The company independently develops and produces various diamond tools, which are widely used in construction, stone processing, airport and highway projects and other non-metal processing fields and industrial metal processing fields. The three core products, diamond circular saw blade steel blank, provide sufficient raw materials for the Ezhou diamond industry cluster; the fist products marble and dekton saw blades occupy an important market share; high-tech laser welding industrial saw blades will be the company’s most distinctive highlight product in the future. it will expand the diamond tools from the traditional non-metal processing field to the industrial metal processing field, the product application will be more extensive, and the market prospect will be broader. 鈥?nbsp;Our Product 1: Stone cutting blade; 2: Laser/high frequency welding diamond saw blade; 3: Concrete/high frequency welding dry/wet core drill bits; 4: Grinding and polishing discs; 5: Small cutting discs; 6: Multi blade and diamond segments etc. 鈥?nbsp;Product Application Our products is widely used in stone processing銆?construction銆?airport and highway projects銆?other non-metal processing fields and industrial metal processing fields. 鈥?nbsp;Our Certificate 鈥?nbsp;Production Equipment 1: Full automatic laser cutting machine; 2: High precision automatic welding machine 3: Full automatic CNC grinding machine 4: Full automatic side grinding machine 鈥?nbsp;Production Market Our products sell well in Europe, South America, North America, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and other regions 鈥?nbsp;Our Service Pre-sale: Understand the specific needs of customers, the power and speed of the used equipment, and the specific conditions of the application objects etc; recommend suitable products or develop targeted samples for customer testing. On sale: Strictly control product quality, deliver goods in time and track logistics and transportation. After-sales: Provide customers with reasonable use and operation suggestions, and make appropriate adjustments to products according to customers’ feedback and requirementsChina Diamond Saw Blade suppliers website: