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China Amplifier suppliers Description The INA293-Q1 is a ultra-precise current sense amplifier that can measure voltage drops across shunt resistors over a wide common-mode range from 鈥? V to 110 V. The negative common-mode voltage allows the device to operate below ground, thus accommodating precise measurement of recirculating currents in half-bridge applications. The combination of a low offset voltage, small gain error and high DC CMRR enables highly accurate current measurement. The INA293-Q1 is not only designed for DC current measurement, but also for high-speed applications (ex. Fast over-current protection) with a high bandwidth of 1.3 MHz and an 85-dB AC CMRR (at 50 kHz). The INA293-Q1 operates from a single 2.7-V to 20-V supply, drawing 1.5 mA of supply current. The INA293-Q1 is available with five gain options: 20 V/V, 50 V/V, 100 V/V, 200 V/V, and 500 V/V. These gain options address wide dynamic range current-sensing applications. The INA293-Q1 is specified over an operating temperature range of 鈭?0 掳C to +125 掳C and is offered in a space-saving SOT-23 package with two pin-out variants. Features 鈥?AEC-Q100 qualified for automotive applications 鈥揟emperature grade 1: 鈥?0 掳C to +125 掳C, TA 鈥?Functional Safety-Capable 鈥?Documentation available to aid functional safety system design 鈥?Wide common-mode voltage: 鈥?Operational voltage: 鈭? V to +110 V 鈥?Survival voltage: 鈭?0 V to +120 V 鈥?Excellent CMRR: 鈥?160-dB DC-CMRR 鈥?85-dB AC-CMRR at 50 kHz 鈥?Accuracy: 鈥?Gain: 鈥?Gain error: 卤0.15% (maximum) 鈥?Gain drift: 卤10 ppm/ 掳C (maximum) 鈥?Offset: 鈥?Offset voltage: 卤15 碌V (typical) 鈥?Offset drift: 卤0.05 碌V/ 掳C (typical) 鈥?Available gains: 鈥?INA293A1-Q1, INA293B1-Q1 : 20 V/V 鈥?INA293A2-Q1, INA293B2-Q1 : 50 V/V 鈥?INA293A3-Q1, INA293B3-Q1 : 100 V/V 鈥?INA293A4-Q1, INA293B4-Q1 : 200 V/V 鈥?INA293A5-Q1, INA293B5-Q1 : 500 V/V 鈥?High bandwidth: 1.3 MHz 鈥?Slew rate: 2.5 V/碌s 鈥?Quiescent current: 1.5 mA Applications 鈥?48-V automotive 鈥?Solenoid control 鈥?48-V DC/DC converter 鈥?Valve controlChina Amplifier suppliers website: