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cheap Portable Balancer KMbalancer庐II Portable Balancer KMbalancer Portable Balancer is an ideal solution for vibration measurement and field balance of industrial machinery. Compact and durable, large color graphic display, multilingual and ergonomic KMbalancer Portable Balancer is the simplest and fastest portable balancing device on the market. Fast: suitable for heavy applications, such as precision balancing machinery at the end of the assembly line. Intuitive: ideal for occasional balancing fans or grinding wheels. They can perform static and dynamic balancing on very large and low-speed shafts, such as the rotating tables of wind turbines and milling machines, and they are also used by spindle repair shops and CNC machine tool manufacturers. Due to his long-term experience and highly skilled professionals, KM can provide training services at cemb facility center or customer site. KMbalancer II is a full-function, high-efficiency dual channel FFT vibration analysis and field dynamic balance instrument. It can be used in the field of equipment condition monitoring in many industries, such as paper industry, petrochemical, power plant, machinery manufacturing and so on. Kmbalancer II can collect various field data, such as vibration value, bearing state, spectrum diagram and time domain waveform, and can further integrate and analyze equipment faults through kmvs pro data acquisition and analysis software.. Why we need KMbalancer庐II PdM & CBM PdM锛圥redictive Maintenance锛塧nd CBM锛圕ondition Based Maintenance锛塱s the trend of modern industrial maintenance strategy. It`s the only way to equipment maintenanceto change PdM锛圥redictive Maintenance锛塧nd CBM锛圕ondition Based Maintenance锛塱s the trend of modern industrial maintenance strategy. It`s the only way to change the equipment maintenance from spend money to make money. On the basis of the condition of the machine, PdMand CBM will decide that whether the machine should be maintained. For example, we use the technology of vibration detection to analyze the abnormal cause of machine, extent of damage and life prediction. So we know when and where to repair the machine? In this way, we can reduce maintenance costs, increase production capacity and improve enterprise’s competitiveness. CONDITION KMbalancer庐II are suitable for all kinds of rotating machines, such asmotor, pump, air compressor, windmill, gear box, steam turbines, generators, cooling towers, etc.With the powerful KMVS Pro Data Collection and Analysis software, we can managethe equipment database, monitortrend of state, analyze the abnormal cause and output the report, etc. Its spectrum analysis and time waveform analysiscan be used as the basis of the condition monitoring.Generally speaking, forthe equipment maintenance personnel, the bearing condition of rotating equipment is the most concerned problem, KMbalancer庐IIhas powerful data processing ability with 400MHz high-performance embedded microcontroller processor.With the built-in bearing fault database , KMVS Pro can be used to analyse early abnormal problems of the bearings. SOLUTION KMbalancer庐II is easy and practical to operate.Most of the high order vibration analyzer has a problem that the function of measurement analysis is set too cumbersome,which is not suitable for maintenance detection and improve problems in the factory.KMbalancer庐IIcan analyze all kinds of vibration problems, such as imbalance, misalignment, shaft bending, loose of equipment, fluid turbulence, poor lubrication, abnormal conditionof motor銆乥earing and gear, etc. CORRECTION In the problems of rotating mechanical damage, there are 40% ~ 50% to be associated with poor dynamic balance. The problem of dynamic balance not only consumes power, but also easily causes the wear and tear of bearing, mechanical shaft seal and shaft components.Besides vibration analysis, KMbalancer庐II also can do the dynamitic balance adjustment. It can undertake single or double plane dynamic balancing correction from equipment of 60 ~ 300000 RPM. Who is using KMbalancer庐II Petrochemical Industry Petrochemical industry is responsible for the production of hydrocarbon fuel, lubricating oil and so on to meet the global demand for energy.In order to meet the production requirements, the machines with requirements for operation standards are put into use. Once downtime, the damage will be enormous. KMbalancer庐II can be applied to key equipment in factory, such aspumps, compressors, ventilation equipment, exhaust fan and power equipment. Machine Building Industry Machine building industry provides technical equipmentsfor industry, agriculture, transportation, national defense, etc. It is the base of the national economy and defense modernization technology. As a result, the development of the Machine building industry is the measure of the lever of economic development and science and technology of a country.KMbalancer庐II can be applied to equipment monitoring and improvement for the manufacturer, such asdynamitic balance adjustment on the spindle of CNC manufacturing, the vibration monitoring and the balance of fan manufacturing other kinds of power equipment. Colleges andScientific Research Units As the base of training technical talents, colleges and universities and scientific research units have always been taken the theory of technology research into practice. On the premise of consolidated theory knowledge, it constantly introduces advanced equipment for practical operationand providesguaranteeof cutting-edge technology for the country. KMbalancer庐II has gainrecognition from numerous colleges and universities and scientific research units. It is well applied to the mechanical lab Power Industry As the mass production of power, the structure of the power equipment become more and more complex, and the relation between each subsystem become closer and closer. Once any part of the equipment has a failure in the process of operation, it will be likely to interrupt production, which will cause huge economic losses.In order to ensure the operation of power system safety, economic and stable, fault diagnosis of power equipment will be turned tothe form of state monitoring.In order to optimize the equipment management and preventive monitoring, the devices are usually divided into two categories: steam turbine generator and accessory equipment.Windpower :generator, gear box, bearing of main shaftThermal power: ventilation equipment, turbine, steam turbine, generator, condensate pump, circulating pump and auxiliary pump Iron and Steel Industry With the sustained growth of steel demand around the world, the competition of metallurgy and non-ferrous metal industry is increasingly fierce. How to improve the competitiveness of enterprises and reduce the cost of finished steel, vibration monitoring of the equipment is the best andthe most effective way to implementit . KMbalancer庐II can be applied to following plants: coking plant, blast furnace, smelting, basic oxygen furnace (BOF), open hearth furnace, hot-rolled and cold-rolled plant. KMbalancer庐II can mainly be applied to the following equipment: motor, all kinds of fan (drum/induced draft fan, sintering fan, one/two dust removal fan, etc.), instr air compressor, rolling mill, coiling machine, casting machine, the gearbox, crane, pump and ball mill. Features of KMbalancer庐II Features of KMbalancer庐II KMVS Pro Data Collection and Analysis Software KMbalancer庐IIComplete Kit Specifications of KMbalancer庐II Display:Colorful backlit LCD screen, 320*240pixels, TFT 65536 Storage: RAM64M Flash1GB Communication:USB2.0 Full Speed Power:Lithium-ion, Operating time >8 hours continuous, Recharge time 2-3 hours Size:190 x 110 x 38mm Weigh:900g Conditions Enclosure:IP65 Dust-tight and splash-resistant Drop test:1.2m Operation temperature:-10鈩儈 50鈩?/p> Humidity range:0% ~ 80% Relative humidity Collection Channel2 vibration +1speed Signal typesSpeed, acceleration, displacement, AC/DC voltage, AC/DC current Simulation of couplingAC/DC/ICP锛[email protected]锛?/p> Signal:卤25V Dynamic range:锛?0dB FFTresolution400~12800 lines Analog filter:High锛?Hz / 10Hz / 100Hz / 1000Hz锛夈€丩ow锛?0Hz / 100Hz / 1000Hz / 40kHz锛?/p> Anti aliasing filter:50~40kHz Window function type:rectangular銆丠anning銆丠amming銆丗lat Top Lines:Linear, peak, square root Dynamic balance Speed range:60~300,000RPM Dynamic balanceSingle, double-sided dynamic balance, vibration analysis, rapid dynamic balance analysis Acquisition signal typeThe unit can be set free Operation:Wizard type operation Toolboxtime/frequency domain analysis, history browsing, manually entered, data review, vector decomposition/synthetic, ISO permissible unbalance query, add calculationcheap Portable Balancer website: