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Blowing Machine in stock Fully automatic operation page 1.Touch screen and PLC all Mitsubishi. 2.With strong storage of relevant machine control, parameters of heating, blowing, alarm and fault diagnosis, production statistic data, maintenance program and video, easy for serve customers. Heating unit 1.Use servo rotary continously heating,keep each preform same temperature, guarantee the bottle quality 2.Stabilize system 3.Potable heating oven, easy operation for changing spares. preform discharge unit adopt contious preform discharging system, make preform pitch adjusted to blowing needed pitch, for saving energy. Clamping unit 1.Use hydraulic/servo clamping, has three clamp boards, to make movement smoothly 2.Fast open and close for mold. (open time 0.25s, close time 0.25s) 3.Auto lubrication, lubricate the bearing and robot hand 4.Compensation of blow pressure for the front plate (protect the base of mold) Stretch and blowing 1.stretching by pneumatic or servo 2.Four in one blowing valve, with air recycle system, each cavity is single, fast reaction or blowing Blow mold 1.Use USA 7075AL, lighter material and faster blowing. All the TEC BLOW molds are separated, convenient for customers changing molds ModelUnitTEC BLOW RL-6 Clamping System 锛圢umber of cavity锛?/p>cavities6 锛坢old stroke锛?/p>mm0-130 锛坰tretch stroke锛?/p>mm340 (Bottom stroke)mm50 (Cavity pitch)mm114.3 (heating pitch)mm50.8 (Number of holder)PCS96 Container (Max.container volume)ltr1.5 (Max. neck diameter)mm38 (Max.prefrom height)mm120 (Max.container diameter)mm95 (Max.container height)mm320 (actual output)B.P.H9000 (heating oven) UNITS7 Electrical System(box*channel)Floor10 (Number of lamp)pcs70 (heating power)KW84 AVERAGE POWERKW42 (installed power)KW94 (voltage)Voltage220V/380V/50/60hz/3 phase Air System 锛坥perating pressure锛?/p>kg/cm27 锛坆lowing pressure锛?/p>mpa3.8 锛坔igh pressure air consuming锛?/p>L/min8000 Chiller System (temperature)掳C10-15 (pressure)Mpa0.4 (flow rate)L/min80 (heating power)HP8 Machine(machine dimension)M1.0*2.8*2.5(heating) 2.5*2.0*2.5锛坈lamping锛?/td> (machine weight)KG8000Blowing Machine in stock website: