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BagMakingMachinesuppliersManufacturs Description: Germany Plastic Bag Making Machine is suitable for LDPE & CPP film materials for various applications like bread bags, hygiene bags, shopping bags, mailing & courier bags and so on. There are various types of bag making machinery available these days that can make bags out of plastic in a significant way. Our best performing bag making machines are perfectly suited to meet your needs. Some of the best ones are side seal bag, bottom seal bag, t-shirt bag, soft loop handle bag, patch handle bag and zip lock bags. You can choose the one depending on what sorts of bags you want to make. If there are anything you need, just contact us. Machine Features: > Multi 鈥?Servo Controlled Plastic Bag Making Machine Germany > Servo Motors for film Indexing and Sealer Cranking > Colour Touch Screen Control System > Automatic Film Roll Lifting on Unwind with > Integrated Web Guide System > Motorized Unwind system Specifications: ModelCCIB-600CCIB-700CCIB-900CCIB-1000CCIB-1200 Bag Making Width(mm)5606608609601160 Bag Thickness(mm)0.006-0.100.006-0.100.006-0.100.006-0.100.006-0.10 Bag Length(mm)20002000200020002000 Error in Length(mm)-1-1-1-1.2-1.2 Bag-making Speed(pc/min)40-12040-12040-12040-12040-120 Main Motor Power(kw)0.750.751.11.11.5 Heating Power(kw)1.21.522.52.5 Weight(kg)70082090011001300 Total power(kw)22.22.533.7 Overall Dimension(m)2.8*1.2*1.352.8*1.3*1.352.8*1.5*1.352.8*1.7*1.352.8*1.9*1.35 About Us We provide customers with high-quality Plastic Bag Making Machine Germany with our professional technical level, rich product categories, and perfect services. With the spirit of perseverance and never giving up, we have overcome one difficulty after another and achieved certain achievements. In the future, we will focus more on brand strengthening, product structure optimization and customer service improvement.BagMakingMachinesuppliersManufacturs website: