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Bag Making Machine suppliers Introduction The Automatic Bag Making Machine is a highly efficient product suitable for processing natural color and color vest bags. This product can also meet the needs of pattern printing. Its production process includes feeding, cutting, heat sealing, etc. Heat sealing is an important step in plastic bag forming. It can realize the synchronization of sealing and hot cutting, so it will not produce tension and can make the bag more beautiful. At the same time, the photoelectric tracking system can make the printing of plastic bag patterns clearer and more accurate. In addition, in order to facilitate production control and production understanding, our products have an automatic counting function. Features 1. Automatic Bag Making Machine adopts an internal cooling circulation system, which can quickly cool down after heat sealing and is a very energy-saving cooling method. 2. The variable-frequency variable-speed motor can adapt to the variable speed under different working conditions and can achieve high-precision speed control. 3. This product has multiple automatic protection functions such as over-voltage and over-current saving, so if there is a problem in bag making, it will automatically stop. 4. The automatic counting device can set the product quantity at will. When the number of bags reaches the set value, it will automatically unload and reset. Main technical parameters ModelRKEG-800RKEG-1200RKEG-1500 Product width800mm1200mm1500mm Yield240pcs/min240pcs/min240pcs/min Total power8kw12kw16kwBag Making Machine suppliers website: