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Asphalt Tanker Trailer supplier Shandong Anda Global Link Trailer Vehicle Factory is a famous manufactures and exporter. About锛歋handong Anda Global Link Trailer Vehicle Factory It is also known as 鈥淪handong Global Link Special Vehicle Manufacturing Co.,Ltd鈥漺hich is a automobile and trailer production enterprise approved the National Development and Reform Commission. AD is mainly engaged in manufacturing锛宻ales and technology development of modified vehicles, semi-trailers, special vehicle and their spare parts. Our products are listed in 銆奣he Announcement銆媜f the National Development and Reform Commission and get “CCC” certification by China quality certification center. ANDA global link trailer vehicle factory was founded in 2007, covers an area of more than 200 acres, 12000 square meters of production plants, a total of more than 800 employees. We have the first-class level and strong production capacity of assembly line production equipment, use the advanced production technology and high-quality raw materials and parts to maximize customer requirements with reliable quality assurance system. We sincerely provide our users with advanced, high quality series of special trailer. ANDA international trade department was founded in 2014, and exported 1200 sets various of semi-trailers around the world every year. We have exported 9000 different styles of semi trailers all over the world in total. We are committed to providing customers with the most economical transportation solutions via lasting quality, preferential prices, permanent parts supply services. ANDA semi-trailer has successfully entered more than 50 countries and regions all over the world. Such as Ethiopia, Tanzania, Mozambique, Djibouti, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Algeria, Sudan, Mali, Ghana, Gabon, Cameroon, Nigeria, Liberia, guinea, Sierra leone, Ivory coast and Senegal, Pakistan, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Bolivia, the Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, Mongolia and so on. At the same time, ANDA liquid tank semi trailer has been widely used in Middle East countries with high customer satisfaction. Warmly welcome all customers and friends to visit our company and negotiate business. We will always try our best to make joint efforts with customers, partners, employees and society to realize the maximum value. [Values] : Quality first, service supreme. [Mission] : Try our best to meet the needs of customers and help every employee to be stronger and realize their dreams. [Enterprise positioning] : to be an international reliable semi-trailer supplier, to promote the best domestic products to the world. Display of ANDA semi-trailer: The main semi-trailers offered include container side loaders, blades long distance transport semitrailers, detachable Gooseneck low flatbed semitrailers, low flatbed semitrailers, container flatbed trucks, oil tank semitrailers, powder tank semitrailers and bulk cargo transport. Semi trailer, sulfuric acid tank semi trailer, dump semi trailer, single side loader, hydraulic axis semi trailer and other professional semi trailer. ANDA Container Flatbed truck: The 3-axle 40-foot container flatbed is the most popular model. ANDA can also offer 20 ‘, 45 ‘, 48 ‘, 53 ‘, 2/3/3/4 axle with capacities from 60 to 100 tons of container flatbed vehicles. ANDA Low flat semi-trailer: We offer low flat semi trailer, which can carry 30 tons, 40 tons, 60 tons, 80 tons, 100 tons, 120 tons, 150 tons, etc. Its low freight platform ensures the stability of transport. ANDA Container side crane: ANDA container side loaders include 20 ft truck side loaders, 40 ft and 20 ft container side loaders. We have the transport tonnage from 21 tons, 37 tons, 40 tons, to 45 tons for your choice. ANDA detachable gooseneck low flat semi-trailer: ANDA can manufacture 2/3/4 axle detachable gooseneck low flat semi-trailer with capacity of 60/80/100/120 tons, etc. To meet your transportation needs and local regulations, we can customize detachable Gooseneck low flatbed semi-trailers in different configurations. ANDA Pallet semi-trailer semi trailer: The pallet semi trailer has a side wall design. We have 2/3/3/4 axle with load capacity of 30/40/60/80/100 tons for you to choose from. Side wall height can be customized according to customer requirements. ANDA fence semi trailer: The fence semi trailer has a fence design. We have 2/3/3/4 axle with load capacity of 30/40/60/80/100 tons for you to choose from. 3 axle 60 tons is the most classic model, of course ANDA can also be customized to your needs. ANDA skeleton semi-trailer: The ANDA container skeleton semi can be customized to 20/40/45/53 ft. We also provide customers with different options: 2 axle, 3 axle, 4 axle, air suspension, mechanical suspension. ANDA Oil tank semi-trailer: ANDA tank semi trailer can be designed in different capacities: 30 cubic, 40 cubic, 50 cubic, etc. We have many materials to choose from: carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy. ANDA powder semi trailer: The main volume of the powder tank semi-trailer is 25/30/35/40/55/65 cubic meters. Powder tank trailers are V -shaped and W-shaped 锛宼he material is carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminum alloy. Production equipment: With continuous technological innovation and enhanced integration of digital information technology and equipment manufacturing, the semi-trailer has been popularized in every corner of special commercial vehicles. At the same time, in the field of semi-trailers, ANDA is committed to actively strengthen further cooperation with top semi-trailer manufacturers. We have overcome many difficulties in the field of automatic welding for special commercial vehicles, auto parts, steel structures, construction machinery, etc. Here below, I would like to show you the equipment we use in semi-trailer production 1. Automatic plate production line: Automatic welding machine using corrugated paper unmanned production line. Corrugated plate welding machine for side plate is widely used in advanced semi-trailer production. The control system can make the side plate of semi-trailer automatically form only once. The machine ensures the quality of side plate in mass production and prolongs the service life of semi-trailer. 2. Automatic floor welding machine: ANDA adopts automatic floor welding machine. It can be automatically tracked to weld the edges of the substrate. Simply move the torch to the first corner of the bottom plate and press the “auto button on” and the machine will automatically track and weld all joints without any operator. High welds will improve the life of heavy duty semitrailers when loading goods on the floor 3. Tank production line: This production line adopts the world’s most advanced high-end double pulse TIG flat butt welding machine, tank rolling machine, automatic argon arc welding machine tank machine, fully realize the automatic welding of plate and baffle, tank can be formed with tank mill once. The storage tank laser welding robot maintains high welding accuracy, intelligently obtains welds, and realizes unmanned operation by tracking welds ANDA Services: ANDA will always support you with the best professional services. 1. After the semi-trailer is completed, we will make an operation video to introduce how to operate and maintain the trailer, and provide customers with an operation manual. 2. ANDA can send technical personnel to customers鈥?location for technical training. The main course will cover operation, maintenance, understanding of various faults and corresponding solutions. After training, the client’s workers can operate the trailer themselves and have a good understanding of the various functions of the trailer. 3. ANDA can provide customers with a full set of spare parts to ensure timely supply of spare parts. 4. We have professional after-sales teams in Nigeria, Mongolia and Saudi Arabia. Once there is a failure, we will help to solve the problem in time.Asphalt Tanker Trailer supplier website: