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Customized Diaper Baby diaper is used for baby care. Top layer is soft cotton non-woven to offer the soft and comfortable feeling for baby. Super absorbent core use high quality fluff pulp and SAP to absorb liquid fast and effectively. Bottom film can prevent leakage to keep the condition dry and clean. By using baby diaper, baby can enjoy whole sleeping well. Product Description: Our Baby Diaper Main Features: Top sheet: Super soft and breathable, also super absorption surface effectively absorb the liquids to keep dry; Magic Tape: Strong S cut, magic frontal and side tape surround baby’s waist perfectly and can stick repeatedly; Absorbent core: Fluff pulp with SAP, can absorb the liquid fast and completely; 3D Leaking Guards: Elastic leak guards to prevent leaking; Back sheet: Soft cloth like print back sheet keep breathable, and make baby comfortable. SizeMeasure(mm)Absorbent(ml)N.W.(g)PackingQty/40HQ(pcs) S390x3004001950pcs/bag160,000 M450x3204802450pcs/bag140,000 L490x3205602650pcs/bag130,000 XL520x3206402850pcs/bag50,000 1. Diaper core: Comfortably thin and very high-performance, our new diaper core layer keeps your baby reliably dry, night and day. 2. Form-fitting: The stretch gussets guarantee a maximum of form-fitting freedom of movement. 3. Leak-proof construction: Elasticated legs and wide wings to the diaper mean that you need not worry about leaks. 4. Material: Ultra-soft fluffy materials, breathable and kind to the skin. (Dermatologically tested)Customized Diaper website: