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agricultural products suppliers Chinese Black Tea Pure Natural for Sale I、 Basic information and overview: Chinese name: Hong Cha Foreign name: black tea Category: food Distribution area: East Africa, China, India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia Origin: China Fujian Wuyi mountain Tea class: fermentation Black tea, which originated in China, first called “Zheng Shan Souchong”, created by Jiang’s ancestors Tongmu village, Xingcun town, Wuyishan city, Fujian, in the middle and late Ming dynasty (around 1568). Jiang’s family at Tongmu village are souchong tea family, has had more than 400 years of history. Black tea is fully fermented tea, is bud tea leaves as raw materials, typical process refined by the withering, rolling (cut),fermentation and drying. Because of the dry tea color and brewed tea are red tone, hence it name Black Tea. Black Tea has variety kinds, and wide producing area, “Qimen” black tea is well known over the world, and Gong-fu black tea & souchong black tea fragrance everywhere, high-end tea-Jin Jun Mei makes black tea develop to a new stage. In addition, introduction from China and development, India, Sri Lanka’s black tea is also very famous. Black tea in the process took place with the enzymatic oxidation of tea polyphenols as the center of chemical reactions, chemical composition varies from fresh leaves, tea polyphenols reduced by more than 90%, such as theaflavins and thearubigins new ingredients. Aroma substances increased significantly than fresh leaf. Black tea has red tea, red soup, red leaves and sweet taste characteristics. Black tea is the most famous in China’s second largest tea, exports account for about 50% of tea production in China, customers in more than 60 countries and regions. Most sales regions are Egypt, Sudan, Lebanon, and Syria, and Iraq, Pakistan, United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, Chile, Germany ,the Netherlands, and Eastern European countries. II、 The five health benefits: 1. Diuresis: Under the joint action on caffeine and aromatic substances in black tea, increased blood flow to the kidneys. Increase glomerular filtration rate, dilate renal microvascular and inhibits renal tubular reabsorption of the water, led to increased urine output. So to rid the excess lactic acid and uric acid (associated with gout) and too much salt (associated with high blood pressure) in the body, and can also reduce oedema caused by heart disease or Glomerulonephritis. 2. Diminish inflammation and sterilization: Polyphenolic compounds in black tea has anti-inflammatory effect, found that catechins can combine with single cell bacteria, the protein coagulation precipitation, then suppression and elimination of pathogens. Drinking tea beneficial in patients with bacillary dysentery and food poisoning, and is also a common tea smear the wound. 3. Refresh ourselves and dispel fatigue: Medical experiments found that black tea caffeine stimulates the cerebral cortex to the excitement in the nerve center, achieve the refreshing effect, and thinking more sensitive response, memory increasing; it also on the vascular system and heart stimulant, strengthen the heartbeat, thus speeding up the circulation of blood in order to facilitate metabolism. 4. Promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid and heat-clearing: Drinking tea can quench your thirst in summer, this is because tea polyphenols, sugars, amino acids, pectin and other chemical reactions with the saliva, can stimulate the production of saliva, moist mouth; And caffeine in black tea control the hypothalamus of heat centers, to regulate body temperature, also stimulates the kidneys to promote heat emission, maintaining the body’s physiological balance. 5. The detoxification effects: According to the experiments, the tea alkali in black tea can absorb heavy metals and alkaloids, decomposition and precipitation. This is a tantamount Gospel to modern people, who drinking water and food maybe polluted by industrial contamination. III、Women can drink Black tea within menstrual period: According to the view of traditional Chinese medicine, green tea is cool, black tea for hot, flower tea is neutral in between; And generally adult drinking teas are not adversely affected. No more drinking tea and better time is more than half an hour after a meal. Especially after a meal, tea polyphenols hinder the decomposition of iron in the body, may cause iron deficiency anemia. So it was said that women are not suitable to drink tea during the menstrual period, pregnancy and lactation, otherwise easily lead to iron deficiency anemia. Through the above described we find women can drink black tea during the menstrual period, because it is heat character, can help women achieve the role of regulating menstruation, but it’s not too much to drink this tea, because some substances in tea can lead to iron deficiency anemia in women. IV、The most suitable for winter to drink black tea: It is better to drink black tea in winter. It is, sweet and warm, good storage Yang Qi, heat warm belly, can enhance the body’s ability to resist the cold. In addition, people’s appetite enhancing, eat greasy food increased, drinking black tea can also dispel greasy, stimulate the appetite and health. In winter black tea will not hurt the stomach, but nourish stomach. Regular consumption of black tea with sugar and milk, can inflammation protecting gastric mucosa. And has some effect on treatment of gastric ulcer. Black tea is rich in flavonoids compounds and potassium. Flavonoid has a strong antioxidant, Potassium is good for heart health to prevent strokes and heart attacks. Black tea is made by fermentation, under the effect of tea-polyphenol oxidase enzyme-catalyzed oxidation reaction occurs, gastric mucosal stimulation decreased. Not only that, but these oxidation products of tea polyphenols can also help digestion. So in winter black tea is benefit for digestion good appetizer. The best time to drink black tea is when it is hot, if so it taste good, and can warm the stomach. If drinking when cool, not only will rot your stomach, but also maybe reduce the nutrient content by long time placing. Black tea itself is tasted of thick, so you don’t have to take too much tea when brewing it. Benefits of drinking black tea in winter: 1, Black tea is the top-grade tea for winter time, it is of sweet and warm character, this will result to increase “Yang Qi”, can raise the body’s temperature. 2, Black tea is rich in protein and carbohydrates, can warm belly after drinking, heat body, increase body temperature, enhance people’s resistance for cold; Also to dispel stagnation and greasy, help digestion, most suitable for consumption in winter. 3, In winter drinking black tea is the most suitable for the elderly. Stroke and heart disease, is the high incidence in the winter period. To drink black tea in winter can reduce stroke, reduce heart attacks. Hi-Tech Business is one of the leading chinese black tea pure natural for sale manufacturers and suppliers. 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